My name is Bente Duckett and i am the proud owner of Molly- INT NORD UCH SE VCH N VCH NJV-11 NORDV-14 DKV-15 Winterbourne Special Design and Frida, Winterbourne Over The Moon and Coverwell Black Ice. They are an important part of our family which includes my husband Richard and our three children Natalie, Leah and Sebastian. We live in Hommersåk, 30 minutes from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. Here we have the sea on one side of the house and the mountains on the other side. Just perfect for us!


Molly was born on August 14th 2010. She comes from Kennel Winterbourne in Sweden. She became a Norwegian Show Champion at the age of two, and has been ranked as the number one field spaniel in dog shows in Norway in 2011-12-13-14-and 2015. She has placed herself amongst the top 4 in groupfinals on several occations and is the first field spaniel in Norway to ever win Best In Show! So proud :-)

Outside the showring she has passed the hunting test and is also Norwegian and Swedish tracking Champion. 

This is Frida when she was a year old.

Frida, Winterbourne Over The Moon, also from Kennel Winterbourne was born on August 8th 2014. She has only been shown a couple of times with BOS as a puppy and CK,Res.CC as best result at the age of 13 months. She needs time to mature and in due time she will enter the show ring again. The judges critices have been very good, so i am really looking forward to that. :-) 

Frida is in training for her norwegian tracking championship. She is well on her way and loves it. Hopefully she willl get ready to start at a test this spring. We are also in training for the hunting test which includes fieldwork, retrieving on land as well in the water. 


Molly and Frida loves to use their nose, and we have just started with nosework which is searching for a scent that is beeing presented for them. We are at a early stage here, but they are both very willing to work. I have a wooden board where i have cut out six holes to fit six boxes. A sent ( teabag or a piece of leather with a sent on) is put in one of the boxes. The dog must then find the correct box and mark it by for example touching it with it´s nose or lay down in front of the correct box. In time you can expand the search to different rooms and cars....we are not there yet but we have lots of fun thats for sure :-)




Molly and Frida...same breed.....same willingness to work......but so different in personalities. Molly is the diva in this household and it suits her well. She is a bit reserved...not shy, there is a big difference. Field Spaniels may be a bit reserved upon meeting new people. Molly will keep her distance and study new people that comes to visit, and she will size them up. After a short while she will decide either that the person is worth further investigating or she will ignore them and go about her usual business. Frida on the other hand it the total opposite. She  greets everybody with big enthusiasm and takes it for granted that everybody likes a good liking and a field spaniel on their lap. But one thing is certain when it comes to this breed, and that is once they know a person, they are friends for life..



Frida retrieving


Med vennlig hilsen

Bente Duckett